All the paintings and portraits are done in acrylic or oil on canvas. For any further information regarding enquiries, portrait commissions, silk collections prices, sizes, and availability, please e-mail


Portrait Commissions: Method and Approach

Belinda Eaton tries to capture an energy within her portraits, to build the story of the sitter, to bring the painting to life and so it is very important for her to meet and see the sitter/sitters in their natural environment or an environment that truly represents them. It doesn’t mean this is what she’ll paint, but it’s what she feels, that is important.

This is accompanied by a photo session and then Belinda starts working to let the painting unfold with all its magic.

Belinda Eaton tends to paint on a large scale, 81 cm x 106cm (31.8 x 41.7 inches) being the smallest. She cannot really contain the energy of individuals in anything smaller, and this is the starting portrait size for a single person, which means she usually begins with a half body size. Sizing also depends on composition and that depends on the personality of the sitter and number of sitters etc.